top semi-transparant navigation bar

A new topic because I just can't be bothered going through 4 pages of topics to see whether this has been answered or not (assuming the answer would be in this forum). But what are the plans concerning the semi-transparant browser-top-fixed navigation bar?

I keep looking for ways to disable that bloody thing as it is annoying as hell (at least those horrible pop-ups are gone.. they were a LOT worse!), but it doesn't look possible. Tip: use 1 navigation bar on a site, multiple will only confuse people. (which is why I think the semi-transparant one should just be chucked, being new and innovative is nice and all... but people simply expect navigation to be in one of the default locations and styled in default ways).

Second that! Fixed solid color bar would be just fine. And that link "Reference" should not get you to main page? Or...?

Cheers, Kari

heh yeah, surely reference should go to reference

What we call "reference" is the main page, the whole rest is added services that we have noticed over the years people liked to have. I guess it is a matter of naming things in whatever way.

When it comes to the navigation bar style, we haven't implemented it yet, but it is in the roadmap to offer a couple of styles to choose from. Please be patient with this, since we have a pretty long to-do list.

I would echo the confusion about the "reference" label in the menu bar. The reference is only one part of the main site. Maybe we can rename the link in the top menu bar to something like "home" or "main page" or "main site"?

I like the top bar :)

I do agree that the link should be changed to 'home'.

Changed from "Reference" to "Main Site" the templates for the menu bar will have to wait. On the other hand I am sorry if it really bothers you, but the bar is here to stay. When theming it, I will look into possible ways to either make it hidden or browse it out only when really needed (like when in the forums), but it is needed to keep a consistency between pages and the different services we are about to install (yes, we are not even half way to all the improvements we have in mind)

Thanks for the critique, we need it to make this better

That's better