TOP249 and High Power LEDs, a solution??

Hi everyone.
I’ve just come across a product I’ve not seen before and wondered if it could help out on the myriad LED matrices people on here seem to love.
It’s called the TOP249 and has MOSFET and PWM control built in, datasheet is here

I don’t understand enough about components to know if this would be of any use, the datasheet just uses words I hear bandied around here a lot :fearful:

That's the control chip for a switch-mode power supply. It converts household AC to regulated DC. Might be useful for providing power to a matrix but I don't see how the chip itself might be useful in driving an LED matrix.

Thanks for the reply John I was wondering if it could be used with the TLC5940 or shift register method as it has in-built PWM control.

No it is just for making power supplies.

LOL, Nuts. Ah well thought it was too good to be true :D