toppolly TD038STEC1 tft lcd touch screen

Hi all

I've been trying to find all the data i can to use this tft.
Did alot of searching and even found the datasheet for this lcd, the problem is that i dont know what to do next. i've used a 16x2 lcd before and want to step up a bit.
how do you identify the driver?
this came out of a palm and i still have the circuitry that connects to the lcd.
i have attached the screen pic and the datasheet hope some one can help

thanks in advance

TD038STEC1-ASIT240DAKBNA.pdf (604 KB)

Hi every one,
Realized that I had attached the wrong datasheet so I have added the good one here.
I havebeen going trough the datasheet to find what driver it uses without luck.
But it does talk about the tft and cog technology, so now I'm wondering if I should deal with it as a regulare
Cog or not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated