Topsy Turvy Clock - (Arduino Micro, Stepper Motors, RTC)

I combined an old clock, some laser cut letters, some custom metal work and electronics to produce a clock where the numbers are not in the right places but it still tells the right time.

There's a few things still to do such as implementing the timezone correctly so keep checking back for updates if you plan to re-use the code in your own projects.

Code at GitHub - Workshopshed/TopsyTurvyClock: Topsy Turvy Clock - The numbers are in the wrong place but it still tells the right time

Credits to:
CustomStepper class by Igor Campos Arduino Playground - CustomStepper
TimeZone class by Jack Christensen GitHub - JChristensen/Timezone: Arduino library to facilitate time zone conversions and automatic daylight saving (summer) time adjustments.
Time Library by Michael Margolis Arduino Playground - HomePage
DS1307 library based on work by DFRobot and Michael Margolis Real_Time_Clock_Module_(DS1307)_V1.1_(SKU_DFR0151)-DFRobot