Torque problem

If anyone knows how to calculate the torque for a pulley that is rotating an elastic band, please take a look at this problem and help me if you can.

No one is going to do the math for you unless you pay. You are going to school to learn, yet you come here wanting someone to do the work for you. I would hate to think I was helping someone cheat and the effects that would have on other people in the future.

Example - You finally graduate and got a sweet job in the mechanical engineering field. Your task is to design a production machine. But, since you cheated on a simple assignment, you just throw something together. Once this machine is built and started for the first time, something breaks and kills someone or multiple people.

Learn it! This is not hard. Members have even gave you sound advice in another thread.

Which brings up the point that you have made 3 threads on the same subject. This is called cross-posting. It will get you in trouble here.