TOS100 and Arduio MEGA2560

Hi all,

I have a little 3D Printer Projekt and need help about how to run a Stepper with the TOS100 on an Arduino MEGA.
On the UNO the Software ist perfektly works and the Stepper ist running. Now I have not enough pins to interate more Funktions.
I have bought the Arduino MEGA. The TOS100 shild fits perfektly but dont work. PWR LED, EN LED are on and if I give a token the STEP LED is also aktive but nothing happend.

Could the Problem be the SPI libery? I think about the 3 Pins whitch are used from the TOS100 (11,12,13). Did the SPI libery declareted new pins if it is an MEGA?

Have anyone an idear how to fix this Problem?

YAAAY I have found out the mistake. The SPI cummunikation in the Arduino MEGA are on other Pins.

so just connekt the pin 11 on the shild with pin 51 on MEGA, the pin 12 with 50 and the pin 13 with 52.
It works very deluxe :D. Make shure you have diskonnected the shild pins 11,12 and 13 from the MEGA pins 11,12 and 13!

If you connekt it with wires, do not forget the GND and 5V pin to enable the shild (EN LED)

Just had the same problem with a Leonardo, a MEGA 2560 and a TOS-100.

This solution works, indeed.

The SPI pins always come out on the 6-pin ICSP header - if you use those then it doesn't
matter which Arduino you use.

Well, that's all nice and true, but unfortunately, the shield we are talking about is prefabricated and does not connect to the ICSP-header :wink:
If you have to put in jumper cables to make the necessary connections, it hardly matters which of the two possibilities on the MEGA you connect them to (unless you are terribly short on pins): the DIOs or the ICSP ...

I guess the shield hasn't been updated...