Total current drawn


I seek your guidance on how to power my project. I am planning to use two power sources - one for the DC motors, and one for sensors and microcontroller. Here is what each component draws, as measured:

6V DC motor: 80 mA (no load) / 1,6A (stall) - there are two of these Ultrasound distance sensor: 15mA IR proximity sensor: 33mA IR movement sensor: 40mA uController: 28mA (Teensy 2.0)

I was unable to measure current drawn by the servo which sweeps the ultrasound sensor. It's a MPX Nano S.

What would you use if you were me?

Power sources that are capable of giving at least 1.5 x more power than needed.

It is usually safe to budget 1 ampere per servo. This database claims that the servo is equivalent to the Hitec HS-55, so look that up.