Total Newb question, SHT75 Temp/Humidity sensor. How to?

So I'm reading this. Say I wanted to use this without a breakout board on an Arduino. VDD goes to a 3.3 or 5 V pin, ground goes to a ground pin, but are there any pins with a 10k ohm pull up resistor built in? What pin would the serial clock pin go to? Basically how would a complete newb hook this up to an Arduino, step by step.

What kind of connectors would I use for the pins on the sensor (it explicitly says no soldering).

Did it occur to you to do a google search?

Which leads here?

As for step by step -- if you are asking us to design your system and write codes -- the rate of the "old-timers" can seem awful prohibitive. May I send you a rate sheet? ]:slight_smile:

Will, yes, I did a google search, that's how I found the specs for the sensor.

I don't need help with code. My brother is a programmer, all he needs is the example code which I also found on google.

I was looking for help with the physical hookup to the arduino. Reading the code, I now see the pinouts.