Total newbe needs help for a goodby gift

Hello and marry christmas,

One of my teamleaders becoms retiered in 3 weeks and i got the order to built something spezial for him as "goodby gift".

The teamleader was the only one who used the hangar intercom system to call something out like " Mr. Xx please contact supervisor office...."

Now i got the order to rebuild the intercon control pnl with amplifiers and chimes...

What i need now is someone who helps me to get some words on a w162 nled display when a certain button is on the original pnl.

I can repair a B737 and an A320 autopilot, solder an amp but i dont can write a program.

Who may help me to get my neck out of the sling? A arduino is allready bought.


Hello HolgeR,

I propose you provide a link to the provider of your display. Make the link clickable, there is a button for this in REPLY. This dramatically increases the chance to get a response.

A good response will tell you the library to use, and most libraries have examples, to start with.

Good Luck!