Total Newbie: is arduino for me?

Hi everyone I am new here. I just discovered Arduino and it seems as if it is the right environment for me to develop my prototype. I bought the [u]Arduino Cookbook[/u] and have started reading it but all kinds of questions keep coming up.

I am a furniture designer and I have been developing a piece that combines off-the-shelf and in-house electromechanical components that I would like to have interact with one another. The components need to be able to start and stop in such a way that they don't interfere with one another as they travel from one end of their limits to the other.

The off-the-shelf component is a RF controlled TV lift. The remote control is just a little fob switch that you push once and the lift goes up until it reaches its limit push it again and it goes down until it reaches its limit. Push it during the upward or downward travel of the lift and it stops. Would it be possible to clone the the signal of the little fob remote using an Arduino board with an RF module so that the actuation of the TV lift could be done by the Arduino Board and coded to relate to the actuation of the other components which can be controlled with relays? If so, how would one go about it? Many thanks in advance!

Perhaps, if you had any data on the RF modules being used. Easier would be to have the Arduino close the buttons on the Fob for you, at least until you can get data on the RF being used. Or replace the RF path with known components, like a 433 MHz Tx/Rx pair.

There are many different ways you could control the TV lift! Get hold of one of the many starter kits, try things out and see where you go from there. Here is and example of a starter kit