Total Newbie Question: How to select a library

Hi. I am totally new to programming and Arduino Libraries. I am trying to create a board that can 1) take 1-2 pictures; 2) record the altitude and 3) take the temperature. I just went to a hardware shop and got some random (i.e. cheap) components which are generic types. I’m hoping I can hack this together. But I don’t know how to select among the libraries for the proper sketches. Any guidance will be extremely appreciated! Thanks!

Exactly what hardware have you bought and which Arduino have you got ?

I start by going to the Library Manager (Tools->Manage Libraries…). In the search box at the top right, type in a keyword or the chip designation. For example, if you put in ‘temperature’ you will find a bunch of libraries for a bunch of devices. Read the descriptions to see what hardware they require.

look in the examples to see if a library does what you need, without confusing and complicated requirements

if you have more than one library that does the same task, investigate to see if two have the same name for the included .h file; lmic.h, LoRa.h, and if you find two named alike, change one. Capitalization matters, lora.h is not identical to LoRa.h

put the link to the library used after the include:

#include <TimeLib.h> // Time functions GitHub - PaulStoffregen/Time: Time library for Arduino

to make things simpler for others

I got an Arduino Uno R3, which is a copy. For the camera, it’s a OV7670 Cam Sensor. Based on the other replies, I would need to find the library that closely matches my hardware, right?


It looks like there are 2 available in the IDE for that camera

Thanks so much All!

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