Total newbie wanting to know feasibility of a GSM circuit.

Hi All,

I am a total newbie here, i dont own a single piece of Arduino equipment and have never used it but google is telling me it could be perfect for a project of mine. So please bear with me as my terminology and understanding of Arduino products could be way off.

I have a system in which a device runs on 24v battery power (26-27v when fully charged), in my system i have a switch which sounds an alarm if the voltage drops below 24V telling me i need to start the generator and battery charger. I have another protection switch which will shut the system down if the Voltage drops below 23.7V.

What i would like to do is set up a GSM shield to send me an sms message every time the low voltage switch is activated (my voltage drops below 24V).

So my question here is this possible using a GSM shield and a UNO or MEGA2560 board? And if so is it relatively simple or can anyone suggest a simpler way?

My low volatge switch is a simple switch i can have it switching 12v, 24v, 5V or simply closing a circuit whatever would be most useful for the setup.

If it is possible and not seriously complicated i will go ahead and purchase the parts, learn the language and figure it out i just dont want to waste time and money on something if it is destined to fail from the start.

Thanks everyone!