Total NOOB please help!!

I’ve got rMP3 - Playback Module and uno

guys please explain where and what to plug in, to give it working stance. tota noob

coding is not a problem


Hello ! You need male headers to solder onto the bottom of it so you can plug it into your arduino. Didn't you know that ?

Yes, it looks as if it's intended to be used as a shield. Often these are connected with long pin female headers that provide a set of female header connectors above the board, and pins soldered through the board so that it also provides male headers below the board.

So what are you going to do ?

Hi, I would suggest you go and change the subject of this thread, NOOB please does not tell us what you want.
Change it to, MP3 module and arduino UNO.

You will probably get more takers.
Tom... :slight_smile:

Let me explain. To us , a title like "NOOB . PLEASE HELP" translates to "LOT'S OF STUPID QUESTIONS AND LAUGHS HERE !!"

help you help us help you

How to Help Us Help YOU

I bought a rMP3 shield for use with my UNO and need help in getting this up & running - specifically in the proper connections. I have example software.
Here is the product reference:


My answer is taken from the link above in the product summary:

> The rMP3 optionally includes headers for Arduino board connection mating. If you buy the rMP3 with headers, you will need to solder the headers onto the board.