Totally new to ALL of this. Working on building a stream deck with Arduino Pro

So after some late-night searching and reading, I've decided to try and build the remixed 12 key version(Streamdeck Cheap 12 Buttons by GO3R - Thingiverse) of a DIY stream deck (Building a DIY Stream Deck (Mini Macro Keyboard) - Parts Not Included) using an Arduino Pro Mini.

As I've been trying to take in as much as I can, I have purchased one of these "Pro Micro ATmega32U4 5V 16MHz Replace ATmega328 Arduino Pro Mini' hopefully it's the right thing.

But my main question is as follows.

In continuing my research, I'm going to try and add LEDs to this, something that is NOT in the original how-two write-up. Since the guy does not use a cherryMX matrix, and individually wires the switches to the terminals on the Pro Mini (for the remixed version, "the signal wires go to pins 2 - 9 and 10, 14, 15, 16")

I want to wire the leds in series, and based on some fiddling in tinkercad with how to connect the leds and resistors (there's no pro mini available in the interactive tool) I don't know where I should be connecting the 5v lead from the LEDs to the board.

Here's the board I purchased (image)

Lastly, if it's the RX1 or TX0 as some googling seems to point me, is it as simple as just connecting the terminal from the LEDS to that header, or do I have to do some sort of adding/editing to a sketch?

Thank you for any insight you can provide. This stuff is so daunting, but seems so cool!

Hi and welcome to the forum. It's hard to understand your question, so I'll try playing it back to you.

First off, stop mixing up Pro Mini and Pro Micro. They are different boards, and the Pro Mini would not be suitable for your project. Fortunately, you do seem to have ordered a Pro Micro.

It sounds like you are going to use a keypad that is wired as a matrix? Please post a link to that. Please make your link clickable by using the link icon above the reply box, because, as you have seen, this forum does not automatically make links clickable, and it's a pain for others to have to select, copy, open a new tab and paste, especially if using a smartphone.

Next, you want to attach some LEDs? That part of your question is really unclear. You start talking about wiring them in series, but in series with what? Each other? Then you mention TX & Rx pins because of something you read somewhere, that part I can make no sense of.

Also, what is a 'stream deck'? I did follow the link and I am no wiser. Is project guidance the correct forum? Maybe one of the more specific forums would be appropriate and maybe someone there would know what a stream deck is, and so be more able to help.

Sorry for the confusion...I seem to have rambled on. So I DID order a Pro Micro. I based my order off of the guide here: HERE

The guy who wrote the article (and the subsequent remixed version for 12 keys on thingiverse here: HERE) did NOT use any sort of matrix, just wired leads to the cherry MX keys---connected to header pins on the board.

Re: "Stream Deck" this is basically a DIY version of the Elegato Stream Deck, a USB device that integrates with software like OBS Studio, that you assign a set of hotkeys for functions like changing a scene, turning off your camera, muting mic, etc.

I see that Cherry MX switches (potentially outside of the range of this forum) DO have a spot that you can insert LED diodes in, but everything I've read involves using a matrix, which this design does not.

It's not a dealbreaker, having LEDs that is, but I was messing around with tinkercad's wiring tool (which they only have Arduino Uno as a board option) and was able to setup a 'working' diagram with 12 LEDS (HERE). My only issue is I can't test this on a Pro Micro to match up the pins/headers I would use. The 12-button version calls for using pins 2 - 9 and 10, 14, 15, 16.

Thank you for your replies, hopefully that helped a little!

Your tinkercad link is broken.

On Pro Micro, you can use any of the 18 "Arduino" pins labelled in blue above for your switches. Even 0 and 1, which is not the case on Uno. If you use 12 for your switches, you won't have enough remaining pins for 12 LEDs, if that's what you need. You have not explained what you want to do with the LEDs.

If I understood correctly your 'stream deck' is just a custom keypad, is that correct?
Also, I think you are trying to modify someone else's design for this keypad to include LEDs to light the keys, is that correct?
The impression I have is that all this is new to you and you have come across a project by someone else that does most of what you want but you want to modify it to your own preferences, but you don't know where to start, is that correct?
You were hoping someone here would just tell you how to modify it to do what you want, is that correct?

Assuming all the above is true or mostly true then you can:

  1. Hope someone here wants to tell you how to achieve what you want.
  2. Build your project as described by its designer unmodified.
  3. After 2 start to play around with your project and learn how to modify it yourself. If you do that and come to us when you get stuck then, providing it is clear you are making an effort, people will help you.
  4. Ask the mods to move this to gigs and collaborations and ask someone there to take this on and redesign for you for a fee.

From what I have read if you are to do #3 above you will need to learn basic electronics and how to write computer code in C/C++. The Arduino project and associated support, including this web site, is intended to help you do exactly that.

Good luck with your project.