Touch capacitive sensor / 12V LEDstrip / arduino

Hi Everyone!

I am kind of new to arduino and working on a project to control a 12V LEDstrip using a self-made touch capacitive sensor. I first tried to power a regular LED from the arduino with a self-made capacitive sensor (brass plate) which worked fine. However, when I try to do the same with a 12V LEDstrip, I cannot get it to work.

To power the LEDstrip, and control it with the arduino, I am using a MOSFET. The + of the power supply goes directly to the LEDstrip and the - to the MOSFET source pin. The drain pin goes to the LEDstrip and the gate pin to the arduino pin 13. There is also a wire going from the arduino GND to the source pin.

The touch capacitive sensor consists of a small brass plate attached to a 1M resistor both attached to pin 2 of the arduino, the other end of the resistor is attached to pin 4.

Once more a list of all components:

1x LEDstrip
1x 12V power supply
1x Arduino

1x Brass plate
1x 1M resistor
Many wires

I have also attached an visual of the circuit. Hopefully someone can help me!