Touch screen advice

Hi All
I'm about to start my first Arduino project, which will be a controller for my coffee machine. I will be making it in small steps, but I have a good idea of how I want it to finish.

The electronics will all be in a box on the rear of the machine, with just the user interface on the front. To give me the most flexibility, sexiness, and save drilling the case, I would like a touch screen.

As it's my first project, I want to keep it cheap, and ebay list several 3 inch(ish) touch screen shields for around £6, but those use 20 odd pins, will mean running 20 odd wires through the machine, plus not leaving many pins on the board.

looking at i2c touchscreens, it appears that the touch part is 4 wire, but screen data still uses 20 connections, unless i have missed something.

so the actual questions;
is there a cheap 4 wire touchscreen? (or even one at all?)
is there another way to do it without a bundle of wires, whilst keeping the display low profile?
if running a bundle of wires is the answer, do they need to be shielded?

thanks for any advice

Something like this: Adafruit RA8875 driver has 15 pins on it but the minimum to drive the screen and read the touchscreen is more like 7.

I love the RS8875 because it offloads just enough of the screen work that a small Arduino can drive a lot of pixels. Other drivers require the Arduino to hold all the pixels in memory and you can’t make a big screen with that limited memory.

Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I'll build up to that one.