Touch Screen + Arduino 2009

Hi everyone,

I finally bought a touch screen panel to do some works for my own, but I'm having a lot of trouble with this.

Well, I'm using a Arduino 2009 and the Touch Panel is that:
It's a pretty nice panel, 7'' WideScreen with a nice resolution.

Somebody have already plugged a touch screen like this one?
I have 7 wires to plug:

  • +12V
  • +12V
  • GND
  • GND
  • BUSY
  • RX
  • TX

My first test was send something with serial monitor to be read by the touch screen. The code that I have to send is:

0xF1 0x05 0xF6 0xFB 0x04 0xF5 0xF4

The first byte (0xF1) is for tell the touch that "I'm Sending Something"
The 2 bytes (0x05 0xF6) is like a parameter
and so on i can send this? something like:

void setup(){
Serial.begin(115200) //it's the baud rate acceptible of touch panel
void loop(){
delay(10000); //wait 10 sec for send again

But it doesn't work fine.

What can I do?

HELP ME PLEASE! lol :smiley:

Patience is a virtue, did you know that?

That's the problem with free services, there is nowhere to complain about poor response or quality.

All that with a :wink: - just wait a bit more.

Meanwhile, you could show how you've connected the screen. Which Arduino pins do you use to the screens TX/RX? I am not sure you can "parallel" drive both your screen and the integral USB, which is what you are talking on with Serial. Have you tried the other serial library? (Sorry, havn't got the link to it handy here)

you need:

Serial.print(0xF1, BYTE);



That should help

Is it 12v or 5v logic on the serial port?
If it's 12v then you need a logic level converter and directly plugging it into the arduino will not work and could damage your arduino board.


Also, looks like a nice display, where did you buy it?

Have you got a datasheet? That would make our lives easier.



Sorry, I'm losing day and nights studing this touch screen.

The answer for you is the same for @mowcius, the way that i connected the display with Arduino:

Arduino Digital Pin 1 (TX) -> 2 Transistors to get 3,3V in the INPUT of Display -> RX Pin of Display.

With that way I have a 3V3 signal going to the display's input (It just accept 3V3).

The 12V is provided by a external source.

Well, now just for @mowcius

I already tried the Serial.print (, BYTE) and Serial.write, without succes.

I bought that display online in Brazil (I'm Brazilian), but just enter in the original site ( and contact them to buy one in your location.

About documentation, here is what I have:

But that manuals isn't good enough.

Well, thank you.
Some other tip?


What is the other serial library?

SoftwareSerial or (better) NewSoftSerial