touch screen, encoder, 2 switches, midi - plz help

Hey guys, i'm new to Arduino. I've been reading up the last couple days and have all the gear that i should need to make this happen.

I am after a midi controller that has: a 4wire resistive touch screen to send cc data (i know it hooks to the analog in 1-4, then i have a blinkm that will take up the analog 5-6)

two switches (it would be great if one of the switched could send time code for a tap tempo)

and a rotary encoder to send program change. (the encoder has a built in switch that would ideally switch from midi channel 1 and 2)

I have found a lot of info and sketches with either switches or pots but haven't been too lucky finding anything that would suit my needs. Would anyone be willing to help me out with this? It would be greatly appreciated!

I know i should probably figure it out myself but i need to get this up and running as soon as possible. If someone could help with the coding for this it would be awesome. I plan on learning to program myself in the future, so far I've only finished the midi note send lesson so it will take a while.

but haven’t been too lucky finding anything that would suit my needs

That’s because your needs are very specific to you.
You need to learn the basics and build stuff up from there.
I suggest you start with really simple stuff, like reading switches and pots, scaling and displaying the results on the serial monitor.

right, yeah i need to learn all the basics for sure. the bad thing is i am in need of a controller like that quickly. i am guessing it will take weeks to figure out how to program all that myself.

i am in need of a controller like that quickly

School project due in 2 weeks, huh?

ha i wish i was taking these classes in actually a music major and just trying to get this controller up and running so i can destroy music even more.