Touch screen for car?

I have a project that I will be working on that includes mounting a touch screen in my car to control lighting. It doesn't need to be super accurate. Basically my idea is to have an overhead image of my car displayed, and the corresponding lights will turn on depending on whether you press the front of the car or the rear. So basically no more than 2-4 zones need to be registered on the touch screen. I really want to find a screen with a decent resolution that is bigger than just 2"-3". Is there anything in the range of 5-6" that will work easily with the arduino?

Maybe something like this?

I have seen several threads of people asking for this. And no real reason is given for why all the arduino screens are so small. So what is the deal? Anyone have any ideas for me?


What Arduino screens? Possibly the ones you have seen are intended to be used in a small box or something.

Electrically there is no reason why you couldn't have a huge one, if you just get the wiring right.

I have also tried to connect an arduino to a huge LCD display. I have searched the internet and I found that there is a problem with te memory of an arduino. It has 8k of memory and that is not enough if you want to display even simple graphics.

The screen that you want to use is a color display and is therefore to big (480x800) pixels.

I have a 4.7" monochrome display and that works.

If there a other opinions, please let us know.

Oh sorry, I thought he was referring to the touch part. You will have a problem with the screen part, but you can get adapters. For example the MicroVGA adapter. Although I think that only does text.

Thanks for all the replies guys.

So far the only screen I have found that will possibly work would be this:

But it is still very small. Yes I am looking for a screen that is touch enabled that I can use with the arduino.

What do you exactly want to display?

Is it graphics or just text?

Edit: Maybe you can consider a Ipad 1. Then you can display al the graphics you need, control it with (for example) Visual basic.

More graphics then text. Hmm interesting idea. I actually have an iPad 1 that I use sparingly. Is there any documentation on
using visual basic to interact with this?

Visual Basic is a programming language, like Java or C. I don't think you wil find the solution on this forum. You will have to look another forum, for example: