Touch Screen Interface using Arduino (Mouse/Touch Driver)

I plan on taking on a project where I design my own hardware (328p 8MHz) to interface to a I2C touch screen display.
Basically making an HDMI --> LVDS bridge board for the display and using the 328p for basic low level power sequencing. My thought is I could task the 328p with even more by reading in the touch I2C data and parsing it back to the host computer (in this case Windows 10) over USB.

I'm just curious if anyone has developed a driver for windows or knows of a similar method where an Arduino would be sending USB data like a mouse or touch screen directly to Windows. Maybe not a directly related question to Arduino but figured I'd ask to see what's been done before.

Any suggestions would be great.

It will be easier using an Arduino that supports native USB like the 32U4 MCU (Leonardo/Pro Micro) instead of the 328P using this library.

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