Touch Screen Project

I have this project in which I,m Supposed to make a smart mechanism for parking slot detection.
I really don't know anything about touch screen programming or anything about it. The things I want the touchscreen to show is the layout of the parking lots with the available ones in green and the occupied ones in red. The user at the gateway can select the green slots upon which they change to yellow (indicating the slot is about to be taken). My detection unit combines of a proximity sensor and a lock. These two components decide whether a slot is occupied or not. So Where should I begin with ?

Start here:-

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Can you tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

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I'm a complete beginner. I have though a few experience in the basic arduino programming.Is there any tutorial for touch screen programming ?

Is there any tutorial for touch screen programming ?

Read the link I posted and follow the links off the page. There is a full tutorial.