Touch Sensitive strips


I hope someone can help me with this problem, I have had an idea for a touch sensitive lamp, and have no idea how to execute it. I really hope theres someone who can provide some information to get me started.

Attached is an image which explains what Im looking for. A lamp that is controlled by a strip, stroking the strip in one direction turns it on and up, and stroking it in the other turns it down and off.

my questions would be;

  1. is this possible?
  2. what is the technology that activated the strip ( I have been reading about body capacitance, and feel that this is promising.)
  3. what hardware is required (Such as the type of light - i was hoping it would work with a standard, say 60w lightbulb, but im really not sure, and anything else?)

I’d really appreciate it if someone out there can help!

Thanks a lot!