Touch sensor AD7746

Hi I am new & started with Capacitive Sensor AD7746 board , to start I would like to go step by step can any one mail me some good examples like sw led on. Thanks Ham

Which board? If you can post a link to the board you have we could be more helpful in advising you.

No Arduino examples.

link to the datasheet - -
page 12-19 is about the programming the CDC device // not trivial

link to an example - -
Although it is no Arduino code, reverse engineering its logic should give you the insights needed to communicate with the device

As it is a I2C device you should learn how to use I2C and I2C devices. Start with reading:

I would do it in this order

  1. start reading the reference and playground first, so you understand how I2C works,
  2. then read the datasheet carefully but only once.
  3. Then try to understand the example code.
  4. build upon Arduino.


The sensor setup can be tricky at first but maybe my blog post about the AD7746 can help you by providing a very simple example: