Touch sensor through wood

Dear readers ;),

I made several escape room projects with different kind of sensors. Right now I am building an escape room puzzle that uses touch. I would like to know if there is a way to detect touch through a panel of wood. In other words, is it possible to detect touch without touching the sensor/material since there is a panel of wood that is attached to the sensor/material?

I have read numerous things that you can use aluminum foil or copper foil at the back of the panel. Is this possible?


I’d think the wood thickness might be important here … unless you move the wood to operate a switch .

What did Google tell you?
I saw several youtube videos with working projects through >= 6mm of wood.

The TTP223 sensors work through thin plywood.

I am with Hammy on this.

use a tech switch or microSwitch and have the panel move. the distance is not great and you can get switches that have a click or are silent.

I would also play with capacitive sensors. the presece of your hand in the area could activate a change