touch sensor to arduino

Hey does anyone know how and where to connect the qt411 touch sensor on the arduino? I know there’s a program for it in this website but I just wanna know how to connect it so I can make that program work. Please let me know. Thanks

Hi, even if this thread is more than two years old, I found a tutorial at ITP.NYU on how to connect the QT411 to the Arduino.

I´m looking for a possibility to connect the QT1106 TouchWheelIC.
If anyone got information about this, please let me know.


I’ve written drivers for Quantum capacitive touch sensors for the day job, though using I2C rather than SPI.
They’re usually pretty straightforward and perform very well.
Please contact me directly if you’ve got problems.

Probably the hardest thing for hobbyists is going to be fabricating the sensors.

I would love to see some fabricated designs…

Hi all, in the meantime I’ve made a prototype for the touchWheel on a PCB.
I drawed the electrodes with simple edding and etched the rest with Natriumpersulfat.

I wonder if I could connect the IC via I2C, in the datasheet I could find information for SPI, but not for I2C.

For testing my experimental layout I would need some lines of code to initialize the sensorIC and read the bytes.

This information I could find in the datasheet:

// for the init
Is there anything needed to initialize the chip?!?

// for the dataTransfer:
On each SPI transfer the host sends three bytes to the
QT1106 and the QT1106 simultaneously sends three bytes
to the host. The bytes sent from the host provide the QT1106
with all its configuration information; the bytes sent from the
QT1106 convey the key states.

The SPI transmission parameters are:
? 70kHz max clock rate
? 8 data bits 
? 6.7µs min low clock period
? 6.7µs min high clock period
? Three bytes per transmission, byte 1 most significant
bit sent first
? Clock idle high
? Shift out on falling edge
? Shift in on rising edge


So here’s my question:
Can I just send the three bytes with the right timing through the SPI interface and wait for the three bytes as answer?

Can I communicate to the chip with I2C, or is just SPI supported?


Did you have any luck getting it to work?