Touch Sensors send MIDI via Wifi?

Hi There -

I am working on a project that has a few different components. I've been down a couple different paths and have to admit that I am a bit new to programming Arduinos. I would very much appreciate any insight you might have for me.

The specs for the project are:

  1. 12 capacitive touch sensors that will allow for human interaction. I have successfully used the MPR121 for this purpose and have code that successfully senses touch and run different functions based on touch state. (Check.)

  2. Some sort of audio control component. Initially - I purchased a Rugged Audio Shield thinking that it would meet my needs. I managed to integrate its playback functionality successfully with my touch sensors so that it will play a different .WAV file for each sensor that it touched. The problem is that I want multi-voice playback - I want all 12 sensors to be touched and playback 12 different .WAV files simultaneously. The Rugged Audio Shield does not do this. (So close!)

  3. In addition to playing .WAV files - I also want to be able to control 12 different LED strips based on whether or not a sensor is touched or not. I have not experimented with this part yet and would appreciate any advice for approach and components you might have.

  4. The components will be arranged within a 10ft. radius of each other - this is going to be part of an interactive sculpture thingy. I am totally fine with using wires to connect things but I am thinking that using Wifi to send data when possible may be a slightly more elegant solution.

Current Approach:

Since the Rugged Audio Shield will not work for this project - I have gone on to purchase a Arduio Wifi Shield thinking that I will be able to send MIDI data over Wifi to another device - like an iPhone or an iPad that can be used to playback a specific .WAV files for each of the 12 MIDI signals. I am not wanting to do anything fancy with the MIDI signals - just ON/OFF will do for now.

I have successfully setup the Wifi shield and run a test sketch on it. Neat. I am a web programmer so my mind is already swimming with other potential uses for the Wifi shield. One thing at a time. :)

Now - I am having a hell of a time figuring out how I could possibly use the Wifi shield to send MIDI to an Apple device over Wifi. I'd like to know if this is possible or not - and if it is - what would my next steps be for figuring out how to accomplish this? I am somewhat under the assumption that if I can successfully trigger .WAV files over Wifi that I will subsequently be able to figure out how to control some LED strips via Wifi as well.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Regards, - Aaron