Touch switch for sensing finger bend

Dear all,

I would like to design a glove for my sister. She has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which weakens her muscles to a point that she cannot lift a pen. However, she can control her fingers precisely, say, controlling a touchpad with maximum sensitivity with ease.

I want to make a glove so that, when her tip of finger raises, the ring on her finger would complete a circuit, and turn a servo, pulling a fishing wire attached to her middle phalanx.

Now, with a 3d printer, a starter kit, and some elbow grease, I should be able to make a contact type switch. However, capacitance switches seems attractive as well. (Unfortunately, I can't find a working switch on the web, but I will keep trying).

I have heard capacitance switch must be grounded, since she will use the glove when she is on a electric wheelchair, grounding reliably will be an issue. Does that mean I cannot use this switch? Also, I found resistance switches as well, but I don't now whether it will fit my application. Also, is there some switches that are both sensitive and low weight?

Maybe this will stir an idea:

I love this idea, unfortunately my sister cannot bend even a a4 paper,
someone mentioned the backing is made from hard plastic ,no chance :frowning: