TouchOSC, Processing and 2 seperate arduino wifi shields

Hello all

I am looking for some basic guidance on feasability for a project I am planning and would value your initial thoughts on whether this is feasable before I spend a lot of time (and money) on persuing it further.

I have a project where need to control seperate vehicles each with its own arduino and wifi shield. I want to use one or two iPads using the TouchOSC app. I have been reading lots into this and have so far got one unit behaving as I would like via Processing and the usb connection and am about to move onto utilising the wifi sheild.

I was hoping I could assign each seperate wifi shield its own static IP address, and then forward data from numerous sliders in touchOSC to specific arduinos. However I have just read that the arduino wifi shield cannot yet be given its own IP address as the firmware is not open source yet... I have much to learn regarding the wifi shield - should all this be possible so far? Would the computer running processing be refered to as the Server with each vehicle a client, or the opposite? Is it possible to write a sketch in Processing that will route the relevant data or would I need another ardiuno in between to possibly do the routing?

I am still trying to get my head round some of the specifics so any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks :)