Touchpad-controlled Dual LED Lights

Quick summary:

Looking ahead to a future kitchen LED light project, I wanted to prototype something first. I need a few lights for my office desk area so I whipped something up using a laptop touchpad, an RGB light strip and White light strip. Details and pics are on my blog: Dual LED Desk Light Controller – Arduino | PlastiBots.

This time around, I used a complete Nano for the project, but I now have a staging area for future Arduino projects, so I wont need to use the whole Arduino (just need the chip, crystal etc).

Very nice ! Congrats !

Congrats first, this is so cool!!! But I'm here to ask some help for mine.

Which I'm trying to make is more simple but I could never take any data from my touchpads. I've got 2 different models but I'm having the same problem with both. These models are:

  1. Synaptics 920-000436-01 Rev A

  2. Synaptics 920-001325-02 Rev A

This is how I connect touchpads to Arduino:

And this my code:

#include <PS2Mouse.h>
#define MOUSE_DATA 5
#define MOUSE_CLOCK 6


void setup()

void loop()

There is nothing I do here, as you can see. I'm just tyring to see "paris" on serial monitor but it's not coming. But if I remote "mouse.initialize()", than it's coming. What am I doing wrong?

I think your sketch is failing on mouse.initialize. I suggest you download and use my sketch for starters - just clean out the fluff to get a basic response from the touchpad. Also, you are using the PS2Mouse library, and I have the PS2 one. Similar, but I think they are different.

Wow!!! It's working :slight_smile: I didn't realize that your library isn't PS2Mouse.

I'm tring to make a tv remote which will have only a touchpad on it. It'll have some gestures for some commands like next/prev channel and volume up/down. Now I'll dig in your project to solve this gestures stuff.

Thanks for help...

Glad to hear it worked... I think I had issues with PS2Mouse. Hence the reason for going with the PS2 library.

Do someone got the scheme for the Synaptics 920-000436-01?

The above link is dead....

Thank you very much