Touchscreen digital counter

Hi All,
I wanted to get some feedback on the feasibility/difficulty with a project I'm looking to start.

I'd like to make a gesture-controlled digital counter (swipe up to increase count) about the size of a typical round wristwatch, about 2 inches.

I've identified a possible screen -

and have looked at the possibility of programming it in Android Studio - I'd just like to reach out and see if any specific Arduino board would suit this application.

Other than a rechargeable battery, micro usb port, and the touchscreen glass, it would appear to be a pretty simple (in relative terms of course) thing to do.

Can anyone advise if this is achievable, and which Arduino hardware i'd need?


It looks like the gesture detecting sensor is well known stuff for You. Good.
The best support You get here is in the Arduino IDE world. If any helper knows Android Stuidio You are lucky.

Thanks Railroader - i'll give that a go!