Touchscreen not working!! need help please

I am trying to interface a 2.8" TFT LCD Shield with a resistive touchscreen.
no matter what libraries and code I use, it just comes up with a blank white screen, it does appear to flicker slightly.

the pic is the same pinout, mines just a different brand

Thanks for posting a link to your screen.
It is a regular "Blue 2.8 Mcufriend" shield.

Install/Upgrade MCUFRIEND_kbv, Adafruit_GFX, Adafruit_Touchscreen libraries via the IDE Library Manager.

Run all the MCUFRIEND_kbv examples

If you have a problem, say which example. Copy-Paste the Serial Terminal to your message.


None of the examples are working, just a white screen. Nothing is popping up in the serial monitor

Have you plugged the shield into a proper Arduino? e.g. Uno, Mega, Due, ... with proper female headers sockets?
Have you set the Serial Terminal to 9600 baud?

What versions were reported by the Library Manager?