touchscreen + wifi gadget

Hello! I'm trying to build a small gadget with a touch screen capable of pulling information from websites using a wifi network.

I'm really new to electrical engineering and all that.

What parts do you guys recommend I get to build this? So far, I think I should get:

Ardunio wifi shield...86.37 Arduni Uno............25.03 2.8" 18-bit color TFT LCD with touchscreen breakout board - ILI9325 40.00

My objective is to build a device that pulls the word of the day from a dictionary website and displays it on the lcd screen for me to guess its definition. If I press the touch screen, the definition will be pulled.

I know how to program the device, but i need guidance on how to build the gadget. I don't know much about pins, or if I should use the xbee wifi thing.