Touchshield Stealth only displays a dotty red line

Hi guys,

I got an arduino and touchshield stealth for xmas from my parents, I finally got around to tinkering with it, however when I upload a sketch to it which is supposed to draw random shapes on a blue background, all goes well but on the screen I see briefly as it starts a red dotty line, sometimes blue and green dotty lines, then thats it nothing else.. has anyone had this? is it a damaged screen?


Must be in stealth mode...

Seriously, if you posted the code, we might be able to help.

What is stealth mode? Posting the code wont help its just the example code, all i want to do is check if the screen is bust or not. All I can ever get it to display is a few random lines when its powered up nothing i have coded or any example code, it just doesnt appear "active" in any way at all apart from plugging usb cable putting in then these random lines appear which looks like what you would expect if a gamegear is turned off or whatever, certainly not demo code or anything.

But stealth mode intrigues me, i mean obviously im uploading in the ide for stealth but nothing in code defines "stealth", also do I need to run code on the actual arduino itself too - to speak to it or make canvas appear somehow? one on arduino one on the stealth ? im really confused the tutorials dont seem to mention this part..

any ideas?

What is stealth mode?

It was a (lame) attempt at a joke based on your subject line.

Do you have a link to the touch shield? Is it a plug-and-play shield, or are there wires you need to connect?