touchstrip multizone question?

Hello all, my first post here, arrived by means of searching for a solution and finding the stribe instrument. Have looked at the forums and FAQs but didnt see this mentioned anywhere, so registered to ask; will greatly appreciate any advice! I want to interface the Arduino+touchstrip for use in a HTPC, as a means of hard button control without needing to switch on the big screen. These "hard" buttons would be used to control winamp etc. Here are my questions: Can I use one touchstrip as a multibutton setup? ie touching different areas of the strip would be interpreted as discreete commands. eg if you imagine a touchstrip, toucing the first centimeter would act as the "play" button, the 2nd cm as pause etc? 2nd assuming no1 is possible,can I have buttons (eg the first 10cms of strip) and the rest be used as slider for volume control? 3rd what hardware (apart from the Adruino and the strip of course) I would need? Would it be easy to put everythign together? 4th How hard would the programming be? has someone done this already? How would I translate the output of Adruino to key storkes etc which which winamp would understand? Also to control the volume settings?

Below is a diagram of the kind of thing Im trying to achieve: the whole length of the strip is divided into different zones which would perform different assignable functions.

*|play | pause| next | |volume slider * |

Many thanks in advance and look forward to your replies!

Certainly possible. Just measure the output you get from touching various areas of the variable resistor, then use case clauses to work out what you're going to do. Simple. You could easily use just the ardunio for this - input through one of the ADC pins. This will give you 1024 'zones' an external ADC could give you more resolution if you need it for some strange reason. Can't help you on q4 but i'm sure its possible using processing or something.

Thanks for your reply halabut! Havent looked at all into the Arduino programming yet, would this clause function be easy to program/setup for a complete novice? Would I be able to ask someone on the forums to do it for me? Havign looked further on the site, I am beggining to like the onboard touch sensing facility! Imagine using touch buttons to achieve the functions I have mentioned! Still need to know how to interface the Arduino to control a program liek winamp and/or itunes...

Still need to know how to interface the Arduino to control a program liek winamp and/or itunes...

Basically the Arduino will output serial data of what ever form you want. Therefore you could talk back to your computer using MIDI, or serial comms. It is then a matter of seeing what sort of communications your target program can take. It might be that you have to write a "glue" application to convert the Arduino's output into a form your target app needs. Things like max can accept serial stuff straight away.