Tough question

Tough question here....

I work on really large Arduino projects using Microsoft Visual Studio and while they take a few seconds (~4 secs) to compile, they take what seems like minutes to upload, which tends to lead me to lose track of the projects thought processes.

What do you other experienced coders do to keep your mind occupied on the job at hand?


Which Arduino do you use, and how big is your program code?

Currently doing a project using an ‘Arduino/Genuino Mega w/ ATmega2560 (Mega 2560)’

Binary sketch size: 114,784 bytes (used 45% of a 253,952 byte maximum) (3.71 secs)

Minimum Memory Usage: 7539 bytes (92% of a 8192 byte maximum)

Use AtmelICE instead of serial. Or increase boudrate.

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they take what seems like minutes to upload,

{A} why not measure the time and provide the exact value?
{B} how long does it take to upload using the Arduino IDE?
{C} how long is the program?


If I were to forget what I am working on during the time I upload the program,
I forgot what I was saying.