Tour de France too easy ...

We need a Tour de America!

May take a few days longer...,+ME&daddr=Cleveland,+OH+to:Myrtle+Beach,+SC+to:Daytona+Beach,+FL+to:Tampa,+FL+to:Houston,+TX+to:St.+Louis,+MO+to:Minneapolis,+MN+to:Bismarck,+ND+to:Tucson,+AZ+to:Salt+Lake+City,+UT+to:Seattle,+WA+to:Long+Beach,+CA&hl=en&ll=37.788081,-96.064453&spn=42.001182,78.662109&sll=37.788081,-96.855469&sspn=42.001182,78.662109&geocode=FZ6cqwIdqojm-ym9KREQRkuuTDF3dq-nsBgJTQ%3BFWc7eQIdT20h-ykta2jjLu8wiDFCGGL3VcsE7Q%3BFeQNAgId2khM-ykBIVU7lWgAiTEYltC1FbEPvA%3BFb-4vQEdj7Ar-ymDVgIllNvmiDHrKssdtztqNg%3BFXx5qgEdiK4V-ynh0bmzgrfCiDFjtJaviRNfpw%3BFUQlxgEd6pFQ-ikBhY1ItLhAhjE7BWXz3gINyg%3BFc-0TQIduUaf-in5ju36qbTYhzFb4Lsiyuo5vg%3BFf1WrgIdJOhw-im9u3eTkDOzUjEH7novhMmfkw%3BFQc9ygIdhSn--Slj6dhXEoPXUjGTyrv5Er2qzA%3BFS-q6wEdcWVj-Skr7SwLQWXWhjEVxxZNOC3Dcw%3BFcv1bQIdma1U-SntMdGIlD1ShzHKMU1IoLdTWw%3BFcJp1gIdWVy1-ClVM-iTLBCQVDGa1URpRmUlEA%3BFYfPAwIdGA31-ClZ15lA6MrCgDGqjyrE-joAoQ&mra=ls&z=4

well you certainly get points for the biggest URL I've seen in a while! :)

I sorta had a feeling the map would look like that, after reading the op's comment first...

I changed the route a bit, so the cyclists could experience some of the grandeur of the Colorado Rockies, and the Sangre de Cristos. Really, this is another really long URL.

I used Red Mountain Pass instead of Wolf Creek, because the road over Wolf Creek has been significantly improved. And let's face it, most of the riders don't even know the words to the song anyway, so what'd be the point?

well you certainly get points for the biggest URL I’ve seen in a while! :slight_smile:

Try this:

CrossRoads: We need a Tour de America!

If I were really, really bored, I'd create a route hitting brewpubs throughout the states. The first few legs would go from Homer to Soldatna to Anchorage to Juneau.

But then you have to go thru Canada to get down to CONUS. Could have a Tour De Alaska ....

Google maps can't figure out how to Follow Rt 11 North out of Fairbanks tho.

Guess we'll have to do with the Iditerad.,+AK&daddr=Anchorage,+AK+to:Glennallen,+AK+to:Fairbanks,+AK+to:Livengood,+AK+to:Prospect+Creek+Airport,+AK+to:Coldfoot,+AK+to:Wiseman,+AK+to:Chandalar+Shelf,+AK+to:Deadhorse,+AK&hl=en&ll=65.820782,-148.623047&spn=11.060346,39.331055&sll=70.194731,-148.459454&sspn=0.017769,0.076818&geocode=FYQSjgMdU4739inPWoan7i3BVjG7c-dx7ZQuHw%3BFQgdpgMdCrQQ9ylBP7MEdpHIVjHjaISnWrp9JQ%3BFRm4swMdyvhS9ymB5d6jfI-1VjGI6nS66gbttg%3BFZJY3QMd2wYy9ympZf1nT0UyUTE69_4J4AXYsw%3BFdzS5wMdLmMl9ynjBpfBbvctUTHzIxGBmHetdA%3BFcF6-wMd7gwF9yG1_5pwGL1pxQ%3BFdgwAgQdgXoM9yk1GK0W58AoUTEnSK6DZIqmUA%3BFVCYBAQdlIoN9ymtRNWki70oUTH0ZplI1XwRAg%3BFf-tDgQdUI4V9yEhNFAHM-9iWQ%3B&mra=ls&z=5

Bah! It’s just not a Tour de America unless the route passes through Big Bend National Park!

Well, the route did go by Davey Crocket National Forest just outside of Houston. Can't have Texas taking too much of the spotlight - and it looks like 1/2 of that park is in Mexico.

CrossRoads: But then you have to go thru Canada to get down to CONUS.

Well, Canada is part of North America. Or, the cyclists could use paddle boats to get from Juneau to Neah Bay. Hawaii is a bigger problem.

You wanted something more difficult than the Tour de France so let's compare...

The difficulties for a bicyclist in Houston are the angry fast drivers and the humidity. But the angry fast drivers are only a problem if they get on the course. While the Houston police have corruption problems, given the eyes of the world would be watching, I suspect they would keep the course clear of motorized vehicles. That leaves the sweltering humidity.

The difficulties for a bicyclist in Big Bend are the heat, dust, mountain lions, bears, and rattlesnakes.

Big Bend wins hands down! Talk about motivation! George Hincapie's couch leans in close and whispers to him, "You must maintain 35 miles per hour through this section or the mountain lions will get you. When you get in this area, do not stop to feed the bears."

I would do it.

just once if my old frame could hold up to the challenges.

Pretty awesome balance!

He is pretty sharp.

In my younger years I would probably try and mimic him. Now I would either spend a week in bed with a heating pad or directly to the emergency room.

probably both. :)

Best we ever did was making little wood jumps from the wedges of cut down trees to jump over, a la Evel Kneivel.

Guess we'll have to do with the Iditerad

Idite(fahr)rad, surely?

:slight_smile: Sure! ( no ‘h’ tho ) 8)

CrossRoads: Pretty awesome balance!

Handlebars is cheating!

This guy is awesome too: He even has his own (VERY nice) brand of unicycles!

Now how about a tour de america sur le monocycles? Hehehe...