Tower Pro SG90

Hello All,

I'm new to servos and found some el'cheapos on ebay that looked promising - the tower pro sg90. For some reason the when I connect the 5v and gnd wires, they (4) appear to short out the whole board as everything just goes dark until I disconnect it.

Currently, I have 8 LEDs connected to pins 6-13 and programmed for pwm for a chaser array. I also have an LCD connected to pins 46-51. This is an Arduino Mega (2840) and is powered through USB. Does USB provide enough current for this servo?

At the moment I'm just experimenting with the Arduino and it's programming, so I'm a total newb and any help would be appreciated.


Also a little heads up about the towerpro servo's. I have used them alot in my former hobby, RC car racing. Bought a load of towerpro's because cheap and specs looked good. Burned out a couple of receivers and couldn't find why, untill I found the towerpro's are prone to shorting out and backfiring hard on whatever they are connected to.