Hi all. I have replicated the li-po battery charger with the famous TP4056 , the protector DW01A and the mosfets FS8205A… exactly like the comertial board.

In the comertial board they solder the thermal pad of the TP4056 to the VIN+ ( :o :o ??? not like the datasheet recommends) What happens to me is that i have solder it to GND (like the datasheet recomends)… I don’t know if is for this or not but my battery charger is salowing 1.6mA all the time (not in charging periods)…what is super high…

Anyone of you experiment so much current consumption on this devices??? :confused: :confused:

Thanks a lot!!!

TP4056 does charge around 1mA, Connect the B+ to the postive of your battery and B- to the negative of your battery. Out+ to your circuit Vin and Out- to your circuit GND. It should do it.

Of course i did it. But my the tp4056 consumes 1.6mA.... this is so much regarding that the datasheet says that it should consume less than 10uA...And i try to conect just a battery and high impedance as a load to the commertial board and it consume less than 10uA....

Have you ever test the current consumption of this IC ?


I discovered that the IC that is consumming all the current is de DW01A-G the device in charge of protect the battery.... that is suposed to consume just 3uA.... wtf????