TPIC6B595N Power Logic 8-Bit Shift Register does not work

Hello Everybody,

I want to settup shift registers TPIC6B595N to communicate with Arduino Nano V3 with SPI communication. The shematic of how I wired everything up si here:

After this, I upload this code on Arduino:

#include <SPI.h>

const byte LATCH = 10;

void setup ()
  SPI.begin ();

void loop ()

  digitalWrite (LATCH, LOW);
  SPI.transfer (0xFF);
  digitalWrite (LATCH, HIGH);

  digitalWrite (LATCH, LOW);
  SPI.transfer (0x00);
  digitalWrite (LATCH, HIGH);

As you can see from code, I just want to test addressing of all shift register outputs to high and then waith for 1000 ms and then turn the outputs off. But nothing happens, ON LED diode doesnt blink.

Does anybody have an idea what I missed of skipped ? What can be wrong here?

Here is datasheet of shift registers:


This link does not help me here. I connected everything like Gammon explained. I Also checked his webside, tutorial here:

And still...SPI does not work for me...Please help anyone, what can be wrong here?

TPIC6B595 outputs only sink current low, they cannot drive high.
Connect a 1K resistor to +5, the other side to the LED anode, then the LED cathode to an output pin.
The LED will turn on when the output goes low.

Did that work for you?