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Hi everyone!

I wanted to use python to take readings from Arduino. But I have a problems with taking the information from Arduino. Just for test the connection I did wrote small program. But it is still not working. Could you please help me?

The code I used in Arduino is :


void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(READSOILPIN1, INPUT); }

void loop() { int SensorValue1=analogRead(READSOILPIN1); Serial.print(SensorValue1); Serial.print(" - "); delay(1000); }

And the code in Python is:

import serial arduinoData = serial.Serial('com8',9600)

while (1==1): myData = (arduinoData.readline().strip()) print (myData.decode('utf-8'))

Your python code tries to read lines ending in a '\n', but your Arduino code is writing a single neverending line. Put Serial.println() somewhere.