tracing the protocol and frame work of ORVIBO ALL ONE using ARDUINO UNO

hello friends,

i m trying to trace the protocol and frame work of Orvibo Allone a smart wifi/ir/rf switch. Orvibo is using 433 mhz rf module i have being using differnt libries of arduino like RCswitch.h , Virtualwire.h to trace the protocol and data thrown by Orvibo Allone , if any one is working with Orvibo Allone plz try to help me with my problem.....

orvibo allone link

libries i have work with

If it uses WiFi to get commands from the Android device and use IR to control appliances, what does it use the 433 MHz radio for?

Hi I'm also trying to reverse engineer the Orvibo protocol. First of all - you'll need an 433 transceiver, as there is some sort of handshake between the controller and the device (Diffie–Hellman–Merkle key exchange?). Do you have a switch? can you record the handshake from both the controller and the switch and we can try to decipher it. A good place to start is with ninja-blocks and his work.

@johnwasser: The Orvibo device can control both IR and 433Mhz devices. We would like to decrypt the 433 messeges.