Track Pacer

Would someone be willing to help write a program for an Arduino in which you type in a time value on a PS2 keyboard (the time is ones goal time around a running track), the Arduino then should split the times into four different sections for 4 different Arduinos. The 4 Arduinos will be placed at every 100 meters around the track. When you are supposed to pass any Arduino, the home Arduino should send a radio frequency to each of the outer ones which should light up an LED light so you know you are on pace. Any questions or inquiries you can comment or email

it would be much easier to just put static markers around the track and carry the timer with you. Have it give three beeps 3, 2, and 1 seconds before the pace time then a different tone at the pace time then three more beeps at 1, 2, and 3 seconds after the pace time. If you don’t hit the mark on the pace time tone you can use the other beeps to tell how early or late you are. Requires only a tiny Arduino (Micro, Nano, Mini, Pro Micro…) and a beeper (or earbud).

We are restrained in our project to keep it in the way I described, so if there's any way you could help with that programming I would be very thankful.