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Hey Guys

About two years ago I started this project but never got it of the ground due to battery technology not ready yet , the first start up of the project can be seen

I have now began my research again into this project. This time I would like to get the community involved and create an Arduino based DIY GPS tracker that we can all use.the basic principle behind the tracker is to assist in research on small game birds in South Africa, the outcome and success of the project would be documented and all contributors would be credited for there considerable contribution in the publication.

I have created a new home for the project, so if any of you are interested please take a look at this link for more information on the project

First prototype board for testing the Arduino sleep library.this is just the first of many board on my way to the tracker.

Thank you


an Arduino based DIY GPS tracker that we can all use.


You will need to explain more before I would find it worthwhile to follow your links.


Robin Really?

feel free to use the link or not, Im not sure what harm a link does to your pride but for peace sake I will explain. all arduino GPS logger currently available does not have any real world applications due to its size, I have not seen one Unit that fits into something that you could call functional nor is there one that can do what most commercial trackers does.

Thus I want to create a GPS tracker logger with a footprint of no bigger than a Arduino Pro mini with a lot more functions . so if it would please you to find out more please use the link to see more information on the project.

Sorry, but I'm still not clear what one would do with one of your loggers?

Is it something like the handheld Garmin GPS that I have? Or the GPS in my phone?



have you ever seen them put a Radio collar on an animal to track where they are ? well my application is to build the same thing but small enough to fit on the bird species I want to study (there isn't any small enough at the moment) and once it is developed nothing stops you from incorporating a screen on it and making your own" Garmin", sat nav or what ever you want the point here is it will be small enough to then port to any application and it would be Arduino powered . so you can do what ever you want

Very interesting. I guess it stores the location data until the bird returns and you can retrieve the device - or does it transmit the data to a base station? Or perhaps as an sms message?


Well your correct on both parts just different order . The tracker sends to base station and base station SMS the info the office .

How far can it be from the base station? I'm wondering can it be used as a security device, for example to track a stolen car?


how far do you want to it pick up ? generally speaking the units installed in your car , is a very powerfull radio pushing out between 5-10W of RF power. for my application i would be looking at around 100mw so it would note work very well for car tracking but thats the beauty of it , once the project works nothing stops you from upgrading the unit.

how far do you want to it pick up ?

You are the designer. This is for you to answer.

From what you say I understand that it is unlikely to have the range for tracking stolen cars. But what can it do?


as per the home page for this project , my expectations for this project is 1km.

OK. Piece by piece we seem to be getting closer to the marketing Headline.

TrackerDuino. A very small Arduino device that continuously transmits its location to a base station up to 1 km away

What about giving us the weight and dimensions?

How long (hours) do you expect for battery life?

Also, what’s needed for the base station? Will that be expensive?



I am not re-posting everything here that has been posted on the project home page. please go and read it

thank you


I am not re-posting everything here that has been posted on the project home page.
please go and read it

thank you

That sounds like poor marketing to me. But it’s your decision.


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Rustie0125: Coffee is black.......

... which is why they spend so much money marketing it.