Tracking house tempertature


I'm new to Arduino and trying to workout if this is the right place for me to start. I want to create a few small air temperature boards that are connected via bluetooth LE or if there is a power minimal version ideally Wifi so I can measure around the house different room temperatures concurrently.

Ideally i would like to collect the data onto the board for download later, but alternatively I can collect to a central Android device I have running.

I'm trying to improve the heating in the house. I already have Tado installed, but I want to see zonally how the house is doing so I can tweak the thermostatic radiator settings.

Any advise on where to start, and the most cost effective way to get there most welcome!

Thanks in advance.

If you want to link a few devices together in different rooms you can't do that (as far as I know) with bluetooth, you will need wireless.

There are NRF24L01+ wireless tranceivers around, and you will need a temperature measuring device and Arduino board of some point at each node. You can have 6 NRF24L01+ in a cluster on one channel. (Not that I have tried more than two at a time.)

You can then gather data one one Arduino, and log the data to an SD card. (With an appropriate shield)

@ChilliTronix, Thanks for the input.
@Greensprings - I have a system, bit like Nest, single room only. The multi-room systems out there are very expensive.