Tracking object relative to each other

I am trying to design a tool that requires the user to align two cylindrical objects perfectly (the user cannot see the objects, as they will be within a sleeve) and then receive feedback on how they fared going about the task. I was having trouble figuring out how to track these two objects relative to each other without using a camera. These two objects can be misaligned in all three axis. I was wondering if there is a way to do this using arduinos?

What mechanism is used to move the cylindrical objects?

How does the user sense the orientation of the two cylindrical objects?

The user is physically trying to orient the two objects. The user is allowed to touch the object (through the sleeve).

What do you mean by “align two cylindrical objects perfectly”?
For example, must one slide into the other?
OR must they be joined edge to edge?

What is the maximum allowed alignment error on each axis (and zero is not the right answer).?

Please produce a diagram of what you are trying to achieve


The two cylinders have to be aligned end to end, they're two identical bodies. The tolerance I would prefer to have is roughly a 0.5 inch (or better) offset in the x-direction.

Is the X-axis to the right?

If the user is holding the cylinders in his/her hand (through a glove) I would be inclined to provide a third cylinder that fits over the others like a sleeve. The user slides one cylinder part way into the sleeve and then pushes the other cylinder into the other end of the sleeve. That will give very close alignment - much better than +/- 0.5 inch.

A variant on that would be to use an internal plug for alignment.


I dont follow,

If they are a cylinder then that means they have ends that are both flat and normal to the cylinder axis - so, butt them up against each other, now align the surfaces.


0.5" ??

You mention relative object tracking, then you mention "offset in the x-direction" - object space or space space ? and 'offset' ?