Tracksoar v2 Programming approach


I m using tracksoar pcb in that there is ublox GPS module i need to convert GNGGA string to GPGGA can any one guide me please.

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Perhaps provide some actual details of what you are trying to do ?

There are GPS libraries for Arduino that will read both GPGGA and GNGGA outputs from the GPS so no need to 'convert'

Thank you so much for your response,

how i need to add that libraries? can you please guide me.

in my debug port continuously getting GNGGA string so i want to GPGGA format string if you suggest any easier methods i am going to implement that one.

A Google search on;

arduino gps library

Will point to a few, TinyGPSplus is probably the easiest to use.

You can program the Ublox 8 to only put out GPGGA etc, but why bother if known working libraries, such as TinyGPSplus dont care.

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