Traffic Cam Jammer

I recently cam across a license plate frame that detects the flash from a traffic light or speed camera, it then triggers 2 xenon bulbs to flash at the just the right moment resulting in an overexposed image that can't be read and you get away ticketless. What a genius device, a perfect combination of electronic ingenuity and stickin it to the man. here's a link to their site

Anyways, I would like to build my own which brings me to my question. What kind of light sensor could they be using? Some videos on their page show it detecting a camera flash in bright sun at over 100 feet. Im quite certain that a standard photoresistor is not that sensitive, They do show a photo of the sensor on their website but they dont give any technical details. Does anyone have a clue what it is or know another way to accomplish this?

Wouldn't it be easier not to speed or run red lights :D

Also, this type of product would be illegal in Australia - not sure about other countries.

I know this doesn't answer your question but my wife was almost killed by an idiot running a red light - the more the law enforcement agencies do to catch up with idiots that try to get away with this type of illegal activity the better as far as I am concerned.

I was injured by someone who ran a red light.

If you ever again ask for help breaking the law on this forum I will ban you without warning. If I find you have asked for help breaking the law anywhere else I will ban you from this forum.

That train that crashed in Spain, killing around 80 people, was, apparently, speeding.

Perhaps you want to rethink whether your idea is fundamentally intelligent.