Trail Camera Refresh


I am new to Arduino and am anxious to get started on a project to reuse an existing game / trail camera I have. This project is a rebrew of an existing commercially available Bushnell Trail Sentry cam. My Bushnell Trail Sentry interface quit working properly. I can no longer write pictures to the SD card. I figure why not try and salvage the thing and turn it into a cool project.

I have not yet cracked the case on the camera yet but my thoughts are to open up the case and take a good look at what's inside before I plan out a new camera design. The current design has a small LCD screen that interfaces with 4 buttons and a "simple" menu system. I'd like to try and follow suit with this on my re-design.

I would like to be able to time stamp photos and set current date and time from a simple UI. I would also like to display a count of the number of pictures/events recorded to the SD card. It would be nice to also incorporate a sunrise / sunset table type of system to trigger flash and or IR camera.

Does anyone on here have any tips / pointers for doing a refresh like this?
Do you think it's possible to re-use some of the current features of the camera (IE the camera itself , PIR detectors, ect)?

My plan is to start cracking this thing open next week and digging into things. I will be posting pics of the internals and what I find when I am reverse engineering things.

Does this seem like a feasible type Aruino project?



Joe Gill

Then, can we assume you have all the necessary test equipment to actually reverse engineer the parts of the device you are interested in ?