Trail camera sensor options

I'm looking for a camera module that will capture video or stills at 720p and 2mp directly to SD card, but is controlled from an Arduino. At a push, I could do the transfer to SD card in the Arduino. Basically to make something like a Trail Camera.

I'm looking for something cheap!

I found the Arducam modules, which appear to be only available from China.

Another option was one of the 'DIY Spy Camera' kits on ebay. Not designed for connecting to an Arduino but probably quite easy to hack. Similar price to the Arducam, but unknown quality.

I also thought about using a second hand digital camera and hacking it up to allow the Arduino to control it.

I want low power, so a Pi Zero with camera is out (I think?), but it's a cheap option.

Anything else worth looking at? I am after something sub £20.

Chinese Trail cams are available for £50 ish, but of unknown quality.

I'd like a bom of less than £30.