Traktor Pro Midi Clock Bpm numbers to 2,2'' LCD TFT

I have tried now many days searching help with this but no luck, so I decide to make new topic. (Sorry if there is already something like that, I just didn't find it).

So my goal is to get Traktor Pro dj softwares Midi Clock bpm numbers to LCD. I have 2,2 inch tft lcd, with ILI9341 driver and I using Seeed's tft library and Arduino's Midi library for sending and receiving midi signals. So far everything work's fine.

at the moment I use software serial (Hairless Midi) to transfer commands between arduino and computer.

I know that getting bpm numbers from Traktors midi clock is possible. but i have nothing to start with. I can't understand how to turn these messages from midi clock to midi messages... If I turn midi clock from traktor on, Hairless Midi giving me ''system message #8''

is there somebody who can help me with this?